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Happy Wheels cheat codes in 2022

Happy Wheels cheat codes in 2022

Awesome news, now you can enjoy your favorite game in hacked version as well. Generally speaking, the main difference between the normal version and Happy Wheels Hacked is that here your character is immortal, you can walk over mines, you can jump on the spikes, you can go through fire and you won’t die no matter what.

It may sound like this feature makes the game way too easy, but don’t hurry with your verdict yet, you see your character may be immortal, but it can still get stuck in different obstacles, and from what I have seen so far this game is hard not because of deadly traps, but because of the obstacles which are super hard to overcome.

One way or another hacked version of the game allows you to make more mistakes, you may learn from them and in the future overcome obstacles with ease. There are tons of YouTube videos that you can use to learn more about specific maps and how to handle different situations.

P.S. There is a map builder feature in the game as well, use this feature if you think that you’ve got a creative mind and who knows your map might go viral. There are tons of user-made maps out there and I must say that some of them are far more interesting and challenging than original maps, you can find these maps online or you may check some popular YouTubers and their videos where they play Happy Wheels and moomooio.